Ideas and Bills


  • Repeal the 1911 Apportionment Act. This law, which should have been an amendment, forces me to attempt to represent around 725,000 people instead of the 30,000-50,000 that out founding fathers had put in place.  
  • I would put forth a bill to sell Amtrak to Carnival Cruises (or a similar company). That would save us almost 300 milion per year.  
  • I would put forth a bill to bring USPS delivery down to 3 days per week to make the post office profitable.  
  • I would introduce a bill to remove the federal law against marijuana. I would further submit a bill that would allow all Americans in all of the 50 states to grow and smoke cannabis as our founding fathers did!  
  • I would submit a bill that would place "viagra-like" pills on the shelf at our stores with no prescription and around $1 per pill!


  • Are you really a Democrat with those views?

Absolutely! I am a Franklin Roosevelt type of Democrat. Not the modern type who sell out to every special interest group that walks up! Roosevelt wanted to help Americans recover from the depression by giving them a shovel and having them do some work for a paycheck. Nowadays people receive their government benefits direct deposited and are never ask to pitch in at all! I would love to bring this party back to its' roots! 

Many politicians have accepted the fact that we must always shovel a lot of  money to special interests before we get to help one American.

  • Why do you criticize the Democrat party so strongly?

Aren't they the ones who lost to Trump? They didn't lose to Rubio or Bush. They lost to Trump! 

They didn't let the people of the party choose. They simply got out of touch with the ordinary people on the streets, who as we found out, make the decisions!.

The leadership has sold out to so many special interest and keep trying to convince us that an open border is a great idea. They won't admit that any criminal elements are getting through. They may not experience that in a gated subdivision in the bay area but in SOCAL we sure do feel it! They will never explain how treating Mexicans better than people from all of the other countries is not racism! I think that is the definition of racism! But they have sold out to big business who want a flood of cheap labor. Flooding the country with cheap labor is why wages have been stagnant for 20 plus years.

  • What do you think of Obamacare? Isn't that a big step in right direction?

Well it wasn't what I was told in 2008. I heard public option. The federal government was going to write an insurance policy. Even though we had the House, Senate and the White house, we still managed to listen to health insurance companies who didn't like the idea of government being a competitor. Then the pharmaceuticals got on board and there you go! We got a crappy healthcare plan that is way too expensive and only convinces Americans that we need to see the doctor more frequently and become addicted to opioids! Well, usually after you take peoples jobs and livelihood you will need to keep them heavily sedated. That's why the crisis is worse in former industrial cities.

  • Why do you seem to look on Trump in a favorable light?

I cannot say anything good about his personality at all! We Americans have watched him for 40 years or more. He was a rich, spoiled kid who is a product of our "reality" tv nowadays where all we do is ridicule people, yell at one another and call each other names. We got the reality star that we deserve!

That does not mean we should throw out his ideas. Regarding the jobs that got shipped from the midwest since way back in 70's, he is correct. Those midwesterners are hurting! And our African American community was probably hit harder proportionally than those whites out there (in cities like St. Louis, Detroit, Indianapolis). They had just began working their way into the well paying factories and boom....the jobs are gone! I never heard Democrats even mention that. They keep telling us about how great free trade is for us. No wonder huh? These establishment Democrats agree with the establishment Republicans on that issue. Both parties oversaw the transfer of our good paying jobs, the opening of our border and the continued wars and military spending.

Remember people, Trump was hated by all republicans when he was in the primaries. This was because the Dems and Reps agree on leaving a 16 year war going, leaving a border open, never balancing a budget and leaving our manufacturing overseas! That's why I sound like a Trump guy. I am the Democrat version of Trump: more polite, more inclusive, less hateful and much more open minded, but not afraid to speak out to our party leadership to correct the path that this party is currently following.


  • What is the deal with marijuana and viagra? 

I think America would be much better off if we began bringing back some of the "loving spirit" of the 70's. That hippie culture had us dreaming about what we could do as a group. I fear that we have lost that loving feeling. Marijuana, as our founding fathers grew and smoked, should not be illegal. And now that we can give a man a boost with a simple pill, why do we allow pharmaceutical companies to charge $40 per pill and those pills are not covered by insurance or medicare? Let's get the generic version on the shelf with no prescription! Remember, for every man who takes a blue pill there should be one more lady (or another guy) who is a bit happier too! 

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