Something About Ted


I was born and raised in southern Indiana in a town like Mayberry of the Andy Griffith Show. At age 11 we moved to the countryside. We were surrounded by very conservative farmers on one side and Amish on the other side. 

Once living in the countryside my brother and I began doing farm labor (much considered dangerous by today's standards or city-folk). I plowed our field on a 1940's Ford 8N tractor when I was 12. We put up hay for local farmers, cut weeds out of soybean fields (before GMO plants) as well as detasseled corn for Pioneer.

This was a very "Republican" area in a very Red state. Midwestern people, especially rural folks, have a great deal of honesty, integrity and old-fashioned work ethic that I still carry with me today. I think our Democratic leadership has forgotten that work ethic, close families and churches are not bad things!


I graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration from Franklin College. After that, I worked for an electric utility company which eventually became Duke Energy. I started as an engineering assistant (hourly/non-union). I took a position in a coal fired power plant in 1990 for Duke as an Auxilliary Operator on a rotating shift (hourly/union). In 1993 I took a management position (salary) as a Line clearing coordinator where I managed 16 Davey tree crews that trimmed trees around power lines.

My brother and I bought our first rental property in 1991 (eventually we had 30 units), a tree service in 1995 and trucking company in 1996. We both had quit our day jobs by the time we were around 36. I have been CEO of each of those three companies. We have both been self-employed and semi retired since back in the 90's. I came to California in 2001. I obtained my General "B" building contractors license in 2003 and began remodeling houses. Nowadays I only do commercial work in office buildings and warehouses. I love my work and it pays very well! If I were to advise young people today regarding how to make money I would tell them (4) things: 

1) Skip college (and the $80K debt)

2) Learn a trade like plumbing or electric

3) Learn the most valuable to get along with people, how to manage money, how to plan and run a business and how to be very professional and clean cut.

4) Work hard and learn to enjoy hard physical work.


Here I am building a website for the future! I am so tired hearing all of the political bickering. We are allowing the two parties and their affiliated networks of political commentary channels to divide us and breed hatred all while our country slides down the tubes! So here I am running for the 39th district of California for a seat in House of Representatives.

Whether elected or not I will continue to be a force for change for the rest of my life. I will make youtube videos and write books as well as continue to run for office!! Please feel free to donate to help me work full time on fixing this political mess.

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